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Well, there hasn’t been a lot of writing on the blog that’s for sure. However, besides those grad school papers, I’ve been writing in a few other places around the web. I joined the crew of writers at Hack Library School and I’ve also been blogging monthly roundups over at TechSoup for Libraries.

My hope is that I can overcome the sit-down-and-write-already-endlessly-editing-in-my-head obstacle to get myself blogging more often, however imperfect it might be. As much as I procrastinate putting words onto paper (or rather, the computer screen), I always am happy when I do. For me, writing is a lot like yoga in that way. Oh how I procrastinate getting myself on to the yoga mat. But I’ve never once done yoga and regretted it afterwards. Ditto with writing. I figure anything that always makes me feel better afterwards, however hard it is to get myself to do, is worth doing. So here’s to getting my butt on my yoga mat and my fingers to the keyboard!

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Nonprofit techie turned MLIS student, community builder, yoga geek, and penguin enthusiast.

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