Friday Finds in Library Land

Image Credit: Barta IV on Flickr

Image Credit: Barta IV on Flickr

Happy Friday everyone! I came down with a fever and flu this week (complete with an attractive fever rash, which I thought was only something that happened to kids. Apparently adults can get this too, who knew). Anyways, it really makes me appreciate feeling good. I’m definitely not 100%, but I’m getting there.

In thinking about the GOOD stuff this week, I came across a few finds in library land. All are either good listens or short reads, since time is a premium for grad students!

The Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast had a great 2-part episode on librarians. It’s a really fun – and informative listen. Alas, there were so not-so-great aspects of Mr. Dewey.

Over at Hack Library School, there’s some helpful advice on making your MLIS program your own. Important to think about as you get ready for spring registration.

Similarly, Meredith Farkas has firsthand experience on why you need to choose your own professional adventure. There’s only so much time.

For you lovers of book art, Heloise has some DIY hints. Also: advice on neck washing. Ah, it’s quite the range of information.

Looking to learn more about library leadership? I stumbled across this relatively new podcast, Better Library Leaders. Their most recent episode featured a fascinating interview with a prison librarian. Side note: I particularly like their tagline.

Happy listening/reading/weekend!

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