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Happy Friday! One of my library school classes is using Feedly to track and stay connected to the blogs of other classmates. I have been a longtime user of Feedly ever since Google Reader went away, and thought I would share a few things I’ve done with Feedly that have helped me focus in on my reading.

First off, I have way too many feeds in my Feedly. Many, many productivity blog posts will advise you to only keep a small number of feeds. While I do go in and weed out old feeds that haven’t been updated in awhile or are no longer relevant, I can’t bring myself to scale down significantly. There’s too many topics I’m interested in, ¬†so¬†I’ve decided to embrace the fact that my reading is all over the place, and instead, find smarter ways to manage my information sources.

Fix #1: Make your Feedly dashboard easy to access

I set my Feedly as my homepage in my browser, but you can also install the Feedly extension for Chrome or Firefox to easily jump to Feedly from your browser bar. Naturally, there’s an app (and several other free and paid apps that work with Feedly) too for easy reading on the go.

Fix #2: Make it easy to add feeds to your blog
Besides customizable apps, there’s also several browser extensions for Feedly. I personally use the Feedly subscribe button (for Chrome) that allows you to quickly add any blog or other information source that has an atom or RSS feed. This is an easy way to save time adding a blog to your Feedly if you come across a useful one in your web travels.

Fix #3: Organize your feeds into collections

If you’re keeping track of a lot of topics and feeds, organizing them into collections is a must. ¬†You can easily drag¬†and¬†drop¬†your collections in the order you want them displayed on your index page.

Because Feedly will only display things in alphabetical order on a¬†mobile device, I use special characters like “!, ¬†@, #, etc.” so the collections I want to see first are always at the top.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.00.37 PM

Fix #4: Pick your preferences

Feedly lets you set all kinds of default settings as to how your feeds display, so you can play around and see what settings work best for you. My favorite time-saving setting is to customize your favorite sharing tools. These are the buttons that will always appear on each article page, making it very convenient to share on social media or email or save an article for later reading.

Fix #5: Follow library feeds

When I was in the process of making the decision about library school, I did a lot of research into good library blogs to follow on topics of particular interest to me. It¬†occurred to me that others could benefit from my research. So I created OPML files for some of my library-related topics. If you’d like to check these out, feel free to download and add these to your feedreader of choice:

General Library
Kids/YA Literature
Digital Asset Management


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