A Little Overdue

Wow. I’m really doing this.

It was time. In fact, it was a little overdue. I knew it was time to move on from my full-time job. The question then was, “Where to?”

As I scanned job postings and and contemplated my next move, I stumbled on an exercise to help determine your career path. This consisted of writing down every task you enjoyed doing at any job you ever had, be it flipping burgers or running a conference. Once you had a list of these tasks, you could start looking for patterns of commonalities that the enjoyable tasks had in common. In looking at my list, common threads seem to emerge:

  • Researching
  • Helping people get answers and solve problems
  • Connecting people to resources and to each other
  • Creating content and programs
  • Teaching and training

The word “librarian” popped into my head. I’d always thought it would be an amazing job, but wasn’t that career suicide? Did it make any sense to go into this career field? After a lot of research, contemplation, and conversations with a lot of librarians who were generous with advice and experience, all the pieces seem to fall into place for pursuing my MLIS degree. I gave notice at work, paid my tuition, and looked to crafting this next step in my life.

Right now there’s a lot of question marks about what the months ahead will look like for me when it comes to my work, coursework, and family. I find myself vacillating between a zen-like curiosity about what the future holds and crippling fear of the unknown. However, I’m comforted by a quote from John Burroughs:

Leap, and the net will appear.

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