Do You Know Your Forrest Yoga ABCs?

abcsIt’s an altogether different kind of alphabet…

A is for Abs, naturally. A is also for “always”, as in, “Abs are always in a Forrest Yoga class.”

B is for Breath. Hands down, the most important part.

C is for Crotch, crotch, crotch. Yes, Forrest Yoga will say the word “crotch”. Yoga is about another C-word: connection. You connect to all parts of your body. That includes the crotch. So get over the shock of that word in a yoga class. Crotch, crotch, crotch.

D is for Deeper. You will go deeper into yourself and poses than you ever thought possible.

E is for Evolution. Not evolving is not an option in Forrest Yoga.

Fierce MedicineF is for Fierce Medicine. It’s what Ana delivers and it’s the title of her book. If you haven’t read it yet, now is the time.

G is for gravity surfing. You’ll know why you do all those abs when you can start doing some awesome arm balancing action from one pose to another.

H is for Healing. It doesn’t matter if your injury is a strained hamstring or a broken heart; you can use Forrest Yoga in the healing process.

I is for Intensity. Because breakthroughs don’t come from lying around. It takes intensity to move through issues in the body.

J is for Juicy. ‘Nuff said.

K is for Kick-Ass sequences. One of the major ways Forrest Yoga is unique is in its sequence which is designed to strengthen, heal, and delight.

L is for Lance Dodger. Have you met him?

M is for Mending the Hoop of the People This is the mission behind Forrest Yoga and Ana’s work.

N is for Native American spirituality. Forrest Yoga has deep roots in Native American spirituality and medicine.

O is for Opening Up. Tight areas of the body will open up and so will your heart.

P is for Paying Attention. The hardest part of the practice is it demands that you pay attention and be present in feeling.

Q is for Quantum Leap. When you stay with the work, these have a way of appearing.

R is for Rolled-Up mat. An essential Forrest Yoga prop that will surprise you. Who knew a mere roll could add so much intensity?

S is for Spirit. Yes, S is for strength and stamina, but way more important is a central pillar of Forrest Yoga: connecting to your spirit.

T is for Tie-Dye pants. An unofficial Forrest Yoga prop. You can usually spot a Forrest Yoga teacher by the tie-dye pants.

U is for Up=level. Just when you didn’t think there was another way to bring a pose to the next level, Ana pulls out yet another way to up-level.

V is for Victoria Keen. Victoria’s clothes are also becoming unofficial Forrest Yoga attire (I like that she has small sizes and the pronunciation of her last name).

windhorseW is for Wind Horse. Wind Horse is the annual Forrest Yoga conference, now in its second year.

X is for X-ray eyes. Ana is incredibly skilled in seeing energy. Take some classes with her and you will likely be wondering if she does indeed have x-ray eyes with what she can perceive.

Y is for Yowl. This is maybe the only type of yoga in which I’ve been encouraged to howl away in unison. It’s amazing what you can let go of when you yowl away.

Z is for Zero chance. As in, “There is zero chance you won’t be challenged and changed by Forrest Yoga.”

Now you know your Forrest Yoga ABCs, next time, I hope you’ll practice with me (in spirit, if not in person).


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