The 5 Cat Reactions to Yoga

When I practice at my home, my two cats are generally somewhere around. Since their days revolve around napping, eating, and more napping, they usually have some sort of reaction when yoga time begins. Their response to my practice is never what I expect, but can be generalized as follows:

1. Indifference Yawn. What is this that’s happening across the room. I’m confused, why on earth would someone do these strange moves? Most perplexing. Whatever. I can’t be troubled to move from my lovely sunny spot by the window to investigate any further.

2. Curiosity My goodness, what is this rubbery thing you have unrolled? I must go on it. No, not the edge of it; right in the middle of it. It’s playtime!

4. Mischievousness It’s almost that time. Any minute now she’ll go up into a headstand and there’s my chance. Maybe she won’t notice that I went up on the forbidden counter to eat the plant.

4. Prop Playfulness The drawstring of the mat bag, quick, attack it! Ooohh, a strap to bat around. Will this block move if I knock it with my paw? That yoga blanket is an outstanding location for a nap.

5. Prop Emulation She’s lying back like a corpse. This would be a great time to settle atop her stomach. Or maybe on her thigh that looks a bit tight.  Sandbags ain’t got nothing on kitties!

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