Meryl Streep: Forrest yogi?

Meryl StreepMeryl Streep could be a Forrest yogi; she just doesn’t know it yet.

I listened to an interview with Meryl Streep where she described practicing for her role as Margaret Thatcher in the movie “The Iron Lady.” In studying Thatcher’s voice, she noted Thatcher’s long-winded manner of speaking. Thatcher could continue long stretches of talk within a single breath. “I ran out of air”, Streep said. Working with her vocal coach, one of the key points Streep had to learn was breathing into the back. By taking deep breaths, expanding the lungs and sides of the waist, she was able to achieve the space and breath capacity needed to capture Thatcher’s impressive words per breath.

This skill is straight out of Forrest Yoga. One of the basic moves of Forrest yoga is expanding the ribs. In this move, you focus on expanding your breath not just upwards, but also out into the sides of your waist. With every breath, you bring breath into the front and back of the ribcage creating more space in the torso, low back and side body.

So… if you want to speak like Margaret Thatcher (or just help bring more power into your voice), expand the ribs!



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