One Thing

There was so much information in my Forrest Yoga teacher training that my big training manual binder and my notebook full of scribbled notes doesn’t even begin to cover it. “But what if you had to boil it down to one thing; one specific lesson, what would it be?” asked my fellow trainee, Diane, and I posed the same question to the other trainees I hung out during Ana’s SF weekend workshops.

Two months out from the training, here were our answers:

“One word: breath. That’s what makes the whole thing happen. And I realize how imperative it is to breathe when you’re teaching, not just in Forrest Yoga classes, but also in those power yoga classes where the room is 85+ degrees C. Breath.” –Drew

“I learned not just how to do a pose, but why. I like that everything is explained and every pose as a purpose. For example, some of the reason we always do abs is to protect the lower back, improve posture, strengthen and connect to our abdominal muscles.” –Diane

“That the content of what you teach matters less than showing up and truly being present for what your students need in each moment. Quite the lesson for me as a control freak/perfectionist.” –Megan (me)

“Finding my own voice in teaching. I’d taken different movement-based trainings and received various certifications prior to this training. The Forrest Yoga training helped me find me and my own unique teaching amidst all the information I’d assimilated.” –Stefanie

I like this concept of one thing because it’s very accessible. You may not have time to do a 2-hour yoga practice, but can you find one yoga pose to do? Reflect on one thing that you learned from my practice and life today? What’s one thing of beauty you noticed? These are the kind of one things I’m reflecting on.

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